We are a strategic brand communications and PR agency.


We amplify your messages to target markets to achieve brand exposure, positive engagement and ultimately achieve strategic brand goals by carefully selecting the right mix to help our clients achieve their goals.


Our services

We help your brand to be recognizable


We assess public attitudes and maintain relations and understanding between our clients and the public. We institute new ways of setting up a two-way flow of communication flow of information and understanding by using well-crafted media releases to relay your messages


We exchange information over the internet in various forms. Speech writing, editorial plans, relationship with your clients with measurable results, information targeted to media is communicated and managed on the internet.


We rescue a distressed small and medium company through strategic digital content marketing, we help brands become household names by engaging traditional and social media, we build brand loyalty through marketing.


We produce video content for home video, TV or internet in all three stages of video production as we believe consumers love watching rather than reading about a brand service or product.

Implementation of innovative, original and accountable strategies

About us

We identify, explore, analyse, and solve pressing brand communication challenges

Mzansi Kaofela Communications is a communications agency that works in branding, strategic brand communication and PR, we specialize in several market sectors, our knowledge enable us to develop successful and creative brand by using strategic brand communication and PR campaigns for our clients in whatever sector.

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